Hot Jingle Player


Combine up to 26 tracks to create original themes


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Hot Jingle Player is a program that you can use to easily combine a good amount of tracks and original sounds to create your own song or theme.

The program can work with a maximum of 26 tracks at a time. To load them, you just need to select one from the navigation menu on the left hand side of the screen and drag it over to an available audio slot.

You can apply different properties to each track or sound that you load, adding effects like fade in, fade out, and setting the volume. Of course, you can program any sound to play exactly when you want it to, giving you more control over creating the exact audio that you have in mind.

Finally, you can use just about any type of audio to create your composition, as Hot Jingle Player supports file formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV.

In the trial version, the maximum length of each session is 10 minutes.

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